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Bryan Alper – Director of Brookhaven Boot Camps

Bryan Alper is a nationally accredited group fitness instructor and is specialized in group exercise leadership and is also a regionally licensed soccer coach who specializes in goalkeeper training.

Alper’s fitness instructing and soccer coaching experience has been strengthened by years of working with professionally accredited trainers and coaches. His soccer playing experience includes collegiate level ball at the University of Central Florida, an NCAA Division 1 program and also at the professional level in the USISL for the South Florida Future.
Alper has been employed by some of the most widely recognized fitness establishments in the country including LA Fitness and the YMCA, while coaching with youth soccer clubs that include Team Boca United FC, Atlanta Soccer Academy, Georgia Olympic Development Program, Carolina Elite Soccer Academy and Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association.

In recent years, Alper has moved outside, literally speaking, and collaborated with city parks and recreation departments, neighborhood community centers and home owner associations within the Southeast. He and his programs have partnered with Greenville Parks and Rec in Greenville, South Carolina, The Asheville Jewish Community Center in Asheville, North Carolina, Carlyle Woods and Drew Valley with fellow neighbors in Atlanta, Georgia and most currently with his new Brookhaven Boot Camps project in collaboration with Brookhaven Parks and Rec in Brookhaven, Georgia.

Alper continues to build brand awareness with his USA Boot Camps national franchise model where affiliates in different cities across the United States tie in together for a common mission. That mission is to promote individual and community wellness, outside, within group settings through challenging and fun fitness activities. These participants, who engage in these fitness programs are now commonly referred to as boot campers.

Seasonally, Alper participates in maintaining a section of the Appalachian Trail with the S.W.E.A.T. (Smokies Wilderness Elite Appalachian Trail) Crew and has integrated some of his trail maintenance and clean-up work with his current USA Boot Camps project, combining his passions for fitness with hiking and his general love for the outdoors.

Alper believes that when you take a group of people, team them up and place them outside, the pleasant distraction of nature sets in and then works its wonders resulting in great things happening, individually and collaboratively for the entire group.


Our mission is to build and strengthen the community by promoting and enhancing the physical well-being of its members. By offering regularly scheduled group fitness sessions that motivate and challenge participants, we provide a cost-effective means of achieving personal health goals through cardiovascular, strength and circuit training. Members benefit from social support from each other, encouraging them to push themselves to the limit to achieve maximum results and build camaraderie. Members share and collaborate on best practices in nutrition, goal-setting, and external sports activities that supplement boot camp efforts.

In the Press

Program Director Bryan Alper’s Brookhaven Boot Camps was featured in Atlanta’s Brookhaven Reporter. Read the full story.

Our boot camps are committed to building community awareness about physical wellness resulting in each individual’s sound body. We offer an innovative, convenient and fun way to get in shape and see real results.