Fitness Boot Camp Kind Words and Encouragement

Fitness Boot Camp Kind Words and Encouragement

Bryan Alper, Brookhaven Boot Camps Director

Thank you all again for being a part of our Brookhaven boot camp at Briarwood Park and thanks too Brookhaven Parks and Rec for hosting us and partnering.

As much as almost everybody else enjoyed the experience, so did I.  We look forward to bringing it again this fall as we get fit, make friends and have fun again all within the pleasant distraction of nature, right here within our neighborhood’s Briarwood Park in Brookhaven, GA.

A couple of you had some kind words to contribute with and I wanted to share them with the general public so they can be encouraged to show up in the future and join us…

KR from Drew Valley

I really enjoyed the fitness boot camp experience. Bryan did a great job at giving us an overview of what we would be doing and found innovative and fun ways to work all muscle groups. He kept things interesting and being outdoors early in the morning was great. He encouraged us to push our limits and was also able to make suggestions for people who had any injuries or other problems. I liked the variety and he kept us busy so much so when he would tell us we had 7 minutes left, I’d think how quickly the time had passed.

I think twice a week is just enough – if it was more, it would be too much and just once a week would not have any momentum. It helped me be able to start jogging a little more which I had not been doing because of my knee issues. I was able to keep up quite well which made me feel great. I’m sure I was the oldest person taking the class at 52! LOL I will definitely be signing back up in the fall.

Robin Lane

I truly enjoyed participating in this spring’s boot camp. Bryan was a great instructor – enthusiastic, supportive and respectful of ability level. It was tough and challenging, but I’m glad that I made the time for it. Attending this session helped to set me back on the right path and has given me the motivation I needed to keep moving forward with my fitness goals.

I’m already looking forward to the fall.

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