Spring into Brookhaven Boot Camps

Early Rise and Exercise

Brookhaven Parks and Recreation has activities and programs that you can register for including our Brookhaven Boot Camps at Briarwood Park in Brookhaven, Georgia.  Come early rise and exercise.  We have sprung out of winter and get ready to make a summer splash as we make friends, get fit and have fun within our outside group fitness sessions.

With this Brookhaven Fitness Boot Camp, we’re taking basic training outside at Briarwood Park and making fitness affordable, effective and fun.  Basic physical training boot camp programs, like this one, are convenient ways to get in shape and see real results.

Our sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6AM – 6:55AM with a $90 monthly registration fee.

This four week boot camp is committed to building community awareness about physical wellness resulting in each individual’s sound body.  Get up and keep on moving with Brookhaven Boot Camps!  All fitness levels  are welcome and no boot camper gets left behind.  Fitness tips and suggestions are shared at fitness boot camp.  Session price breaks down to roughly $10 per class, one of the best boot camp values in the area.

Moving Outside in Brookhaven

Brookhaven Boot Camps is moving outside and making fitness affordable, effective and fun.  Get fit, make friends and have fun.  Have fun when you early rise and exercise right within the pleasant distraction of nature within Brookhaven’s Briarwood Park and surrounding streets and parks and wetland area.  If there is inclement weather, stand by for an e-mail from our fitness boot camp instructor, Bryan Alper.

Alper explains, “It has been a dream of mine to take fitness outside and lead a group of folks in the neighborhood within a group fitness environment.  We have such a gem of a park and surrounding neighborhood.  I love it that our neighbors come together to make friends, get fit and have fun within these unique and challenging workouts right here in Brookhaven.”

Your Fitness Goals

As a bonus for signing up, boot campers have received a free hydrostatic body fat test.  Register at brookhavenbootcamps.com (“Get Started” button at the top of our home page).  Consider what your body fat percentage is and where do you strive to get?  What will you do to get there?  Who is in charge of making you achieve your fitness goals?  How are they helping?  When is your next hydro-static body fat test scheduled again for follow up to compare and contrast with your previous one?

Also figure in what your long term goal is.  What short term goals do you have?  What is driving you to get more fit?  Is it an adventure race?  Is it lowering your body fat percentage?  Is it health driven for life longevity?  Is it envisioning yourself poolside in the summer time?  Set your own intent-driven vision of what gives you your motivation for your fitness journey.

Getting in shape takes discipline and is a commitment.  What are we bringing in and what are we putting out?  What are your eating and drinking habits and how much are you exercising?  In regards to our fitness boot camp, make sure to at least include one other workout aside from our two weekly Tuesday and Thursday exercise sessions.  We have been referring to this as “Sustainable Saturday” as it sits right in the middle of Thursday and Tuesday.  Support fitness boot camp efforts with healthy decisions for maximum results including eating choices and restful sleep and continuously drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

Pleasant Distraction of Nature

Within our latest class, we ran to the Wetland area and back and we took a moment to look and listen and feel how the pleasant distraction of nature can push and pull us through a challenging, yet fun exercise session.  The weather was beautiful and you can hear animals like birds and bull frogs.  How sweet the outdoors is.  There is this pleasant distraction in nature that supports the outside group fitness workout session effort.

What Our Fitness Boot Camp is Like

Individually, each fitness boot camper within our group plays their part.  As a whole fitness group, we have camaraderie.  No boot camper gets left behind.  We keep a front and back runner and herd each other up to maintain our shape and form within the fitness group.  On a scale of one through ten (on a level of intensity) where do you stand in regards to your level of challenge (easiness versus toughness)?

We have typically heard, during our sessions, the numbers seven and eight called out the most on average.  For our group size of anywhere from fifteen to twenty per session, this is about where we need to be for overall group satisfaction.  The most advanced boot camper is probably mentioning a six or seven in regards to difficulty and the most beginner boot camper is typically mentioning an eight or nine.  We adjust accordingly.  Finish your session with confidence and feel proud of your achievement.

Watch your steps and hands as you position yourself for exercise movements.  Exercise movements include and are not limited to cross kicks, karaoke, side shuffles, windmills and jumping jacks for warm up purposes.  Push ups, frog leaps, burpies, full squats, star healthysemen jumps, squat jumps, mountain climbers, lunges, calf raises and wall sits can be expected.  More exercises include wheel barrels, bear crawls, crab crawls and shuttle runs and stair and hill runs.  Triceps dips, shoulder presses, open-close flys, bent over rows, lateral raises and bicep curls and throwing and catching with less dominant arms are included.  For core work we engage in crunches, planks, scissors, flutter kicks, hip raises, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, windshield wipers, bridges, vertical leg crunches and leg lifts.

Run before and after exercise movements all around the park and sometimes the surrounding neighborhood.  Always jog against traffic as we put safety first.  We have a buddy system.  Mind your buddy and keep accountability.  Push your buddy and your buddy pulls you.   Get through a fun and challenging group fitness session together with your new friends.

Keep in mind that when facing any sort of dizziness or joint pain, make modifications like stepping aside and stretching or simply resting out temporarily.  All participants have their limitations so listen to what your body tells you.  Mainly, compete with yourself as you knock out a workout early and get it out of the way and over with.  Now move forward with the rest of the day with the confidence that you are ahead of the average game.


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